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How does Fibre to the Premises NBN work?

The National Broadband Network is made up of fibre optic cables that run out across the country from major hubs and into your neighbourhood. These cables are capable of delivering incredibly fast and reliable internet.

A Fibre to the Premises connection differs from other NBN technology types in that fibre optic cables run all the way up to your door, rather than to an exchange point where the connection is taken over by an inferior material, like copper.

This makes FTTP the fastest and most reliable type of NBN connection. While materials like copper can degrade internet speeds over long distances, this problem does not exist for fibre optical cable.

NBN Construction

Since starting my Telecommunications Contractor career in 2000, I've given each project I work on the personalised attention it deserves. I've worked together with my clients and managed to achieve great results while staying within budget. As a leading Telecommunications Contractor in Melbourne, I take great pride in my work. check out my previous projects below and get in touch for more information.

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commercial network cabling

Commercial Cabling Installation

For this particular project, we had to go through various compliance measures to make sure our work followed stringent industry standards. This was completed on time and within budget. It's a great example of our dedication to deliver a quality product and see it through from start to finish despite complications in order to ensure full client satisfaction.

Add or Relocate Data within your Building

Network Installation

While working on this project, we were very struct about the materials and footprint of our work. Our client was interested in an economically and environmentally sustainable outcome, and we did everything to respect these wishes throughout the whole process in order to make sure they were satisfied with the outcome.

Network Installation

If you're looking for a Certified Telecommunications Contractor to manage a really complex NBN job, consider Australian Fibre Services. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and preferences, and the success of the outcome speaks for itself.